Strategy for Craps and Dice Games: What is 3 Point Molly?

A continuous betting system like 3 Point Molly can help you with craps and dice games. We take a closer look at this interesting mission plan.

Craps and dice games can be quite difficult casino games, especially for beginners. But you can make life easier with one or the other strategy, and this favorite from the American casinos loses part of its difficulty.

Aggressive betting systems, such as 3 point molly, take advantage of hot strands. Here’s a look at how crap or dice schedule can mean the difference between bankruptcy and profit.

How does 3 point molly work?

Securing the bets can give an advantage to online craps players. However, the confusing number of different uses makes it difficult to decide which bets are right or better than others.

The 3 Point Molly system is based on a series of results.

Pass Line Bet: First, you place a pass line bet, a basic game in craps. It is a bet that the pitcher should win. If the ‘come out’ result is 7 or 11, you win. If the ‘come out’ result is 2, 3, or 12, you lose. All other results establish the point on which all subsequent moves are based.

Two more ‘come’ bets: With 3 point molly, you secure your pass line bet with a come bet.

The come bet is placed as soon as the point is bet. This means that the come bet comes after the point, the pass line bet before.

They come to a bet on the result of the next roll. If the result is 7 or 11, you win. If the result is a 2, 3 or 12, you lose. With a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10, the come bet is placed in a special box on the table.

This number will now be your personal point. Whether you win or lose depends on the outcome of the next roll.

If your come bet wins, you must immediately place a new one. The procedure is repeated until the point, or a 7 is thrown. Your losses are offset by regular small profits.

Advantages and disadvantages of 3 point molly

The great advantage of 3 point molly is that the come bet secures your original pass line bet. If the dice fall in your favor, you make a profit with 7s and 11s.

In principle, 3 point molly gives the player 3 numbers for bets. Each number can be an advantage in a dice game.

There are numerous more or less aggressive strategies that can be used in online craps. Securing bets is always a good strategy that you can use not only when rolling the dice, but also in many other games.

Give the 3 Point Molly System a try

Once you understand the craps approach, you can try more sophisticated betting systems and get an even bigger advantage.